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Patz Silo Unloaders

A1™ Series II Single Auger Silo Unloader

  • Fits silos from 12 to 24 ft in diameter
  • Designed for a longer lifespan, the reversible 9 ft ring is flanged to the inside for greater strength
  • High-performance, 10 inch auger features special hardened steel knives to effectively cut through and deliver hard packed and frozen materials
  • High-volume delivery for fast feeding and reduced labor costs
  • Self-sharpening chipper wheel reduces feed build up and cleans silo wall
  • The reliable Patz electrical joint is unmatched in design and service

A1™ Single Auger Silo Unloader

  • Fits silos 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 ft.
  • 7-1/2 and 10 hp. single phase and 3 phase motor
  • Heavy-duty 10" high-capacity steel auger with 1/4" thick flighting
  • Auger Knives built with special hardened steel
  • 26-inch high-capacity blower with impeller includes 3-cupped adjustable fixed or swinging paddles. 1/4" thick steel band
  • Control panel and remote pushbutton station included.
  • Includes CSA approved electrical components
  • Options: tripod, suspension arms for tripods or hexapods, manual or motor-driven winch assembly, automatic lowering, gravity and power assisted distributors


98C Surface Drive Silo Unloader

  • While the 98C works its way to the bottom of the silo, the Patz self-leveling design keeps the silage surface level automatically for reliable operation
  • Two big 30-inch drive wheels move the 98C across the silage
  • One wheel pushes and the other pulls with the cutter bar suspended between the two drive wheels, keepsing the wheels on the same footing as the cutter bar for positive drive
  • Can be raised to the top of the dome above the silo wall providing you with every inch of feed storage

RD-2200 Ring Drive Silo Unloader

  • The RD-2200 Silo Unloader combines our aggressive PATZ BLUE Gathering Chain in a ring drive.
  • The basic unit adapts to silos 12 to 24 feet (3.7 - 7.3 m) in diameter by adding a cutter-bar section, gathering chain, guards and blower cap extensions
  • Our pivot-mounted gearbox assures engagement of the drive sprocket into the ring for positive drive
  • Patz ring-drive torque limiter features a farm proven radial-pin design to provide accurate torque release under adverse conditions of hard-packed and frozen silage while protecting the ring and drive system
  • The RD-2200 is so well-balanced it needs no counterweights