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TMR Mixer Customer Testimonials

“We couldn't put hay in our old reel mixer, now we can put round bales in our Patz. It's easy to add the minerals and to mix small
  - Lor Mar Holstein Farm - Loren Thomas and Weston Erdmann

“Our friends told us about vertical mixers and how they like the Patz. We owned a tumble mixer before and now we can use baled hay in the ration.”
  - Dale Mill, Pennsota Dairy, Lewiston, MN.

“We had a 3-auger mixer before and now our mixing time is 2 or 3 minutes. We can use balage now and the dry cows love it. Our clean out is better and we can unload a lot faster.”
  - Rylee, Tara Fick, Mallory and Troy Fick of Lake City, MN.

“We use to have a four-auger mixer, but we use baleage now. The Patz vertical works awesome. We use the 2000 lb., 5 foot bales. It takes 5 minutes to mix and it unloads a lot faster.”
  - Mark Gerard, Gerard Dairy, Spring Grove, MN.

“The Patz vertical mixes much faster than our auger mixer and it cleans out much better. Now we can process round bales and we like that it’s simple and it has few moving parts.”
  -  Andrew Hornberg & Joel Klawiter, Grafenberg Farms, Winona, MN.

“We can run a lot more hay in our ration now and it mixes fast. We put round bales right in the mixer and sold our hay buster.”
  - Matt and Jerry Herget of Owatonna, MN.

“We tried 4 vertical mixers. The Patz did the best on small batches and grass hay. It did a better job mixing, mixed faster and is built heavier than the others.”
  - Perry Wolter, Iowa State University, Ankenny Dairy Research Farm.

“We thought the Patz was built heavier than the other vertical we tried and it mixed better without cutting the feed up too much.”
  - Ron Jahnke and grandson, Collin McTague, of Jahnke Dairy, Wells, MN.

“We are using 9 lbs. of hay per cow now. Mixing time is about three minutes and we use a lot more hay than our old reel mixer. We use the Patz vertical for tearing up bean stalk and straw bales for bedding now.”
  - Jim and Michelle Woodard, Winona, MN.

“My Patz mixes better, doesn't leave bunches of hay and unloads in half the time of my old 4-auger mixer. I like how simple and heavy it is. It empties out great.”
  - John and Jenny Kiese of Lewiston, MN.

“We had a 4-auger mixer before and could see that it wasn't mixing. The Patz vertical would mix faster and better. We went up 4 lbs. two days after we tried it and have held there. We did try another twin screw vertical and it didn't mix.”
  - Bob Ketchum of Ketchum Farms, Lewiston, MN.

“This is our first mixer. The cows are eating more and doing better. We feed round bales and now we can use high moisture bales in our ration. My son Jason and I tried a twin screw and didn’t like how it cleaned out or discharged feed. We tried another single screw, but liked the quality of the Patz best.
  - Jim Klassen of Klassen’s Dairy, Plainview, MN.

“The Patz vertical mixes better than our old auger mixer. I don’t see the corn in the ration anymore. We can throw round bales in the mixer now and do a better job on our dry cow ration.”
  Gregg Krebsback of Stacyville, IA.

“The Patz mixes faster than our old reel mixer and we can do more long hay in the ration. The clean out was good and we can feed straw now and it works great.”
  - Les Olson of Spring Valley, MN.

“I can put any feed stuffs I want in the Patz and I don't have to worry about it. My regular ingredients of corn silage, haylage, grain and protein. Plus corn stalks, sweet corn cannery waste and round bales of alfalfa or slew grass.”
  - Don Malecha of Northfield, MN.

“We can process the big hay bales now, these bales would break our old 4 auger mixer. It doesn't take long to mix now, three minutes. We had the mix tested and it's even all the way through.”
  - Mark Speltz of Maple Acres Dairy, Rollingstone, MN.

“We had a stationary 4-auger mixer before and wanted to make a change once we went to drive by feeding. The Patz mixes well and we can use hay now. We've had the Patz for about a month and are up 10 pounds."
  - Rick Meisch, Altura, MN

“The Patz is our first mixer and we're up 10 pounds since February. My intakes are up and now we know what we're feeding.”
  - Adam, Liz and Olivia Minear, Annandale, MN.

“Our Patz vertical is simpler than our old reel mixer and it has a super mix and mixes fast. The clean out is great. You couldn't fill a coffee can with the feed left in the mixer.”
  - Ed Muldenhauer, La Crescent, MN.

“We had a 3-auger mixer before. Our new Patz mixes and unloads a lot faster and does a better job on long, dry hay.”
  - Kevin, Rod and Ben O’Connor, O’Connor Dairy Farm.

“The Patz mixed hay better than our old vertical mixer.”
  - Steve Possehl and Tom Perkins of Perkins Farms, Red Wing, MN.

“The Patz unloads faster than our old auger mixer. It cleans out really well and it only takes 5 minutes to mix. It's very simple with no roller chains and sprockets.”
  - Jason Reber of Reber Dairy, Mantorville, MN.

“The Patz vertical mixes faster than our 4 auger. We mix for 3 minutes and we can use more hay. It unloads fast.”
  - Ron Bornholtd of Spring Valley, MN.

“We had a reel mixer before and the Patz does a more even mix. We can use round bales now in the main barn with this mixer and we can save labor by not having to make so many small bales.”
  - Shawn Ruechel of Ruechel Dairy, Adams, MN.

“We were sick of trying to mix long hay with our 4 auger mixer. We like the dual wheels on our vertical, the mixer doesn't slide around as much. The mix quality and clean out are good. We like the idea of being able to process the hay in the mixer and we can mix faster now.”
  - Jim Persons of Saratoga Dairy, St. Charles, MN.

“Three minutes is all it takes to mix after we finish loading. We like the way it lifts the feed. It's more consistent than our old auger mixer which was separating the feed when we would unload.”
  - Steve Schell of Schell’s Pine Grove Dairy, Altura, MN.

“The Patz is a good TMR. It mixes long hay better. We mix for 2 minutes after the last ingredient is added.” 
  - Kurt Schumacher of Schumacher Farms, Plainview, MN.

“The Patz vertical mixes faster and better than our old 4-auger mixer. We let it run while we fill it and it's done in 2 minutes.
  - Joe, Rick and Randy Smith of Jerry Smith and Sons Farm, Adams, MN.

“This is our first mixer and we use about 600 lbs. of dry hay. We like the Patz because we can get a consistent mix and now we know exactly what we are feeding.”
  - Phil and Brad Suess of SPV Jerseys, Grand Meadow, MN.

“We had two different vertical mixers before our Patz. The Patz cleans out better and processes the high moisture bales better. We like the 4-point scale system and think it's better than the three-point system where you pull the mixer around by one weigh bar.
  - Bruce, Nancy and Dwight Tesmer of Tesmer Dairy, Millville, MN

“We like the Patz because we can mix small batches for less than 10 cows. It really cleans out well. Everything in, everything out. With our old auger mixer, we had trouble with grassy hay. Now we don't have any trouble.”
  - Mark and Don Vagts, Vagts Holsteins, West Union, IA.

“We only mix 3-4 minutes and it mixes great. It works excellent on the small batch for the transition cows. I'm very pleased with the Patz.”
  - Wayne Voth of Lewiston, MN.

“Our 4-auger took 10 to 15 minutes to mix and it never did mix well. We can mix in 4 minutes now and I couldn't believe the difference in the mix. I can mix any size batch of feed now.”
  - Jim Wright and twins Josh and Tommy of Wright Farms, Lake City, MN