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Agromatic Free Stalls

Agromatic Thunderbird/Surface Mount Freestalls

  • A unique and sturdy surface mount system designed to maximize lunge space.
  • Available for 2 3/8" and 1.9" diameter stalls
  • Use with classic or arrow style stalls
  • Heavy duty base uses of 2 3/8" and 2 7/8" galvanized and gator shielded tubing
  • Consists of SF 2335/SF 2336 Surface mount, your choice of stalls, and connector

Agromatic Elevated Twin Beam System
A better way to mount your free stalls!

  • Heavy Duty – no twisting or sagging
  • No cross supports touch the ground – no corrosion
  • Clean and simple installation
  • All galvanized construction
  • Head-to-head or single row
  • Only need supports every 12’
  • Provides ample lunge space