Patz Model 1512 Manure Pump

  • Plunger Size: 7 x 15 in.
  • Stroke Lengths: 20 in., 17 in. and 14 in.
  • Hole Size for Pump Installation: 5 ft. wide x 14 ft. long x 7 ft. 3in. deep (approximately).
  • Floor Space Required for Pump: 3 ft. 2 in. x 11 ft. (approximately).
  • Weight: 2,350 lb. (approximately).
  • Safety Railing: Standard equipment.
  • Pipe Length: Recommended maximum length of pipe with no elbows, 150 ft. Deduct 5 ft. for each 22-1/2° elbow used and 10 ft. for each 45° elbow. Up to 90° of elbows may be used in one installation.
  • Pipe Size: Choose 15" or 12" PVC pipe.
  • Storage Height (Head): Maximum storage height (head) is 25 ft.
  • This is measured from center line of pipe at manure pump to top of manure in storage area.

Patz Model 2016 Tundra™ Pro Hydraulic Pump

Efficiently Move Heavy Manure Long Distances Using Minimal HP!

Features & Benefits
Tundra™ Pro Pump is designed with your operation in mind!

  • Handles sand or sawdust laden slurry manure.
  • Consistently transfers slurry manure long distances – up to 600 ft.!
  • Energy efficient – hydraulically powered using 5 or 7-1/2 HP.
  • Uses the largest diameter stainless steel cylinder in the industry to move manure efficiently.
  • Cylinder’s piston includes oil lubricated seals for maximum volume efficiency and long working life! Seals are oxygen and ozone resisting.
  • Up to 150 GPM pumping capacity.

Patz Model 616 Electric Prop Agitator

High-performance vertical prop agitator provides a consistent blend and keeps solids suspended for pumping!

  • Easy-to-install anchored pivot allows precise positioning to agitate entire pit
  • Choice of agitation volumes
  • Unique seal system extends gearbox and bearing life
  • Abrasion-resisting steel propeller blades & shear plate with stainless steel hardware below the liquid line for long life
  • Easy lube – convenient ‘above pit’ oil and grease lines
  • Agitator available in various lengths 6 to 16 feet (1.8 to 4.8 m)
  • Energy Efficient—low horsepower requirements

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