Kraiburg Tie Stall Barn Mats

Kraiburg KEW Plus

  • Absolutely the softest mat on the market without sacrificing durability
  • Innovative design helps center the cow in the stall
  • Multi-piece system
  • Recommended only for free stalls
  • Integrated connecting bar provides a flat, problem free seam
  • Rear 1/3 slopes slightly to the alley
  • Available in 3 widths

Kraiburg CALMA

  • CALMA mats are specially designed for special needs areas, calving pens and heifer stalls
  • Air-cushion-like lower side to create a dimensionally stable, durable and slip resistant mat
  • Puzzle cut on three sides to fit into heifer stalls
  • Rear edge is chamfered so there is no stumbling edge
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Simple installation

Kraiburg KKM 'Feathersoft'

  • Available with straight or interlocking sides
  • Surface - Hammered Pebble
  • Support - Unique 'honeycomb' pattern constructed of virgin material for resiliance and wear resistance
  • Rear 1/3 of the mat slopes downward for better drainage
  • Unique moisture seal around the rear to reduce liquid build up
  • Integrated fixing points
  • Simple to install
  • For use in free stall, stanchion, or tie stall barns
  • With straight edge mats, we recommend using the optional T-Bar for a nearly maintenance free installation

Kraiburg T-Bar

  • The best way to seal the seams between two straight edged mats
  • Solid poly bars measuring 1 1/2” at the base and 5” at the top
  • Pre-cast mounting pockets
  • Secures mat edges while still allowing for expansion and contraction
  • Works with KKM or KSL mats

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